by Lost Continent

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released October 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Lost Continent Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lost Continent plays a blend of progressive, death and metalcore, pulling from the many varied influences of the 5 members.

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Track Name: Obsidian Sphinx
All your leaders lie
All your heroes die

False smiles hide forked tongues
Gods of greed
We worship the snakes as we bleed

All your leaders lie
All your heroes die

The sun has died
Darkness reborn
Rivers of blood
The locust will swarm
A plague uncontained
Your firstborns will die
The scattered corpses
Plagued by the flies
Anubis has spoken
Your heart will be fed
To the consumer
Who feasts on the dead

They made the skies turn red
They made the bodies burn
I’ll put the rumors to bed
I’ll force the masses to learn
They made the skies turn red

I am Alpha
I am Omega

False smiles hide forked tongues
Gods of greed
The snakes in the grass will all bleed
Track Name: Automata
Implanted memories
No signs of empathy
A manufactured identity

Bow to the Architect
Like maggots to decaying flesh the machines pick clean this human form

Bow to the Architect x 2

Implanted memories
No signs of empathy
A manufactured identity

Programmed dreams haunt my sleep
This is a collision of man and machine

Behold the end of a species
Flames blanket a dead sky
Watch as humanity cries and dies before frozen eyes

Implanted memories
No signs of empathy
A manufactured identity
Track Name: Petros Ichor
A bone dry wasteland
Sands as red as the blood they’ve spilled
A graveyard of kings
Victims of Medusa
All their faces sealed in stone
They’ve all fallen from their thrones

The Reaper’s hand in mine
Even gods can die
The Reaper draws the line
Even gods fucking die

A radiant golden disk
A chariot of fire
This is the flail to your back
This is the snapping of your neck

The shepherd’s crook is in the Devil’s hands
Gather the weak
Slaughter the fucking sheep
Track Name: Ivory Thrones
Stainless souls deserted by the truth
Honesty expires
They scorch the proof

This is the destruction that creeps in at the margins of life

A higher purpose
Born to wage this war
My guiding light has faded out
Now left to toil in the wake of your misguidance
We’ve come for blood
We can be silenced

Now let the toxins fill your lungs and let the venom flood your veins
Death won’t save you
I’ll end your reign

I am a prisoner of this cave
Eyes fixed upon its walls
The shadows cast from its jagged mouth are the only truth I know

They stole my heart from my chest
They’ve shattered my ideals
My reality burns
The flames engulf my soul

Like lambs to the slaughter the wolves gnaw our bones
They hide behind their walls, perched upon ivory thrones

We man the front lines
We march through the flames of hell
Track Name: Cultivating Mass
Buildings crumble
Souls follow suit
I lay here dying
Bleeding out
Hope is fading with memories of home
An atheist in the foxhole

Bones have been broken
Guts have been spilled
Demons awakened of those I’ve killed

Souls vacated corpses
Contorted, their bodies line the streets

Our defenses - mechanized
The theatre of war - revolutionized

Particular fission
Thermonuclear lord
“I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds”

I become Death
Destroyer of worlds

This continent is lost