The Eschaton Cycle

by Lost Continent

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released August 17, 2016

Production by Artur Sandulyak



all rights reserved


Lost Continent Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lost Continent plays a blend of progressive, death and metalcore, pulling from the many varied influences of the 5 members.

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Track Name: Emergence
Engulfing infinite black
Sparks flicker and light the void
Galaxial thunder cracks
Primordial fire born

Engulfing infinite black (sparks flicker and light the void)
Galaxial thunder cracks
Primordial fire born

Planets formed by the hands of the makers
Your life is not a choice
A rock of greedy takers
Your death will be a gift

The star burns the stone
New species carve out their home
Landscapes carved by flesh and bone
A new species lays claim to the throne

Our disfigured mother strains to provide
As resources dwindle we kill to survive

Wars waged for profit
They leave a fiery wake
Waves of death wash over
We kill to survive

We kill to survive

This is judgement day on a continental scale
I’ve got an earthquake’s touch and the Devil’s grin

Nothing Left
A desolate crater
A smoldering stain scorched upon this rock

Forever lost in the history we wrote
When your gods come knocking I’ll make sure no one’s home

New life born in the rubble
I wish we hadn’t survived
We dig towards the light but the Watchers black the sky
With the weak washed away we’re forced to rebuild
We rest our heads on their ash and pray this new life won’t collapse
Track Name: Eden
Nights no longer cold
Backs no longer bent
Hands no longer calloused
With nature as our slave

Cultivating masses
Our cities dim the stars

Fully formed intellection
So far from initial conception
Bring hammer to steel
Build an era through anguish
Flourish thrown upon us

With no known notion of collapse senses acute and woes fade
Absolution, a second chance
We’ll see what the masses are made of

Approaching a harmonic convergence of enlightenment
We’ve found our people’s existential parable

We are gods on ivory thrones

I am the unmaker

Sleepless pushing the boundaries
Burning candles at every end
Technological advances
Engage autopilot
We are now automata
Pull the power source and shut off
No person left with personality

The parasitic species drains their native land
Magma forms obsidian skin
Petros ichor courses their veins

This is not the utopia we’d hoped for

Unwise to the watchful eyes pulling the strings of demise

“Oh, woe is me” the masses scream
So far disconnected from veracity
Boiling under
Occluded by darkness
We are the Watchers’ false hope

Stone upon stone upon stone upon bone
Track Name: Extinction
Fucked from square one
The event is imminent
Masses awake to the planet’s quake
This is true chaos
This is true pain

No one spared
No one saved

Beliefs turn to fear, fear to hysteria
Leaves you crippled like a shotgun to the knees
Madness consumes you, now watch the bodies rot

Light years away we watch in awe
Foreign stars hurled towards our home
Annihilation in their wake

Flames fertilize the heavens
As fires reach the sky
The star burns the stone

This is your hell
The surface cooks
Skin is liquidized
Buildings crumble
Homes collapse
This is the falling of the axe
A carpet of flesh
A portrait of death
Die in the flames
Waking monoliths
Brought forth by ignorance

Nothing left alive
Nothing left alive
Nothing left alive
Nothing fucking left alive

...maybe they were watching all along

Wake up
Moons crash from the sky
The cities lift beneath our feet
Nothing will survive
Hurling vacant satellites through time
They seek the collapse of existence
Celestial warheads soar through space
Wasteland in their wake

There is fire on the horizon
The stench of death lingers in the streets

I gave you everything
Now watch it turn to ash
Death will always prevail
I will fucking erase you

I am the unmaker

Watch you beg from the grave
Void of life, your extinction

Waste of life

Bled dry by the leviathan’s will

Forever lost in the history we wrote
When your gods come knocking I’ll make sure no one’s home